What is idmpakistan and Should you join idmpakistan?

What is idmpakistan and Should you join idmpakistan?

Idmpakistan is team, according to them they are expert digital marketers. They launched idm Pakistan to provide everyone the knowledge of digital marketing. They give you a 6 month course of online field like free lancing, digital marketing, Ecommerce, Facebook ads etc with 62000 Fee which is a huge amount for a comman person then today we are going talk about the idm Pakistan and will compare it with free courses. 

What is idmpakistan and Should you join idmpakistan? - Idmpakistan vs free courses

if your a student or a small businessman then I will suggest you to not buy this course it's a only suggestion I am not forcing you just want to say that there are also free ways don't disappoint yourself that you don't have that much money and you can't start digital marketing without taking this there hundreds of digital marketer in Pakistan earnings through digital marketing without taking this course and I myself didn't have knowledgeable about blogging but at the time I have much knowledge that i can do blogging and I am also working on fiver without any course I started freelancing recently but alhamdulllilah I am getting ranking on fiver without idmpakistan you can also do it without idmpakistan and i will also tell the benefit of joining idmpakistan. the reason why you Shouldn't join this because you can do that for free as well without paying a single amount. Still you want to buy this then other academies are there providing the same course in cheap price and almost every thing is same. And the free way is YouTube where many experts are providing the same thing in a short time for free. 

How to start a online business without idmpakistan.

If you want to start your online business then you need a web hosting+domain for wordpress it will at least cost you 3000 per year, and some paid plugins which cost some and for Keywords research you need a tool ahref which will also cost you some money and main thing you need that is proper guide and SEO that is easy to learn it from YouTube and also cheap paid courses are there which will help you to create a amazing online store. 

How to start blogging without idmpakistan?

You create a website from blogger and advertise it with adsense is called blogging. You need to write your own articles to get approval by adsense. Guys blogging is so easy and free that everyone can do that. Here you earn from Google ads and also you can do affiliate marketing From Amazon and draz in Pakistan. Blogging only need a domain that cost you Rs300. Or you can do for free as well. You will find many free courses about blogging in YouTube and also cheap paid courses are available. 

Ad Managers

It's the source where you can promote your product through social media for getting sales. Ad manager is easy to learn it. You will find advance level courses in YouTube with expert for free. 

Benefit of joining idmpakistan. 

If you have money it's good to join it that it will help you to do online business digital marketing  affiliate marketing etc. And also provide all paid Keywords research tool and many plugins. And there are many expert teachers they have. Benefit of it is you will find everything without searching may at the time you don't know what is required to start a online business. They understand you from A to Z. Every single required thing will be explained but if you choose free option you will need to be patient to understand everything. It's everything from me if you have some knowledge comment me I'll update it. And if you have any question contact me I'll answer you.

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