How to makel a fake WhatsApp account [ Latest Method and 100%Working ]

How to make a fake WhatsApp account [ Latest Method and 100%Working ]

Assalam o walikum" if you are looking for Fake WhatsApp number and may you found before but they got banned, so today your on a right post because it's 

the trick which will work for you and can give you a number of your own choice country (USA, CA, UK) you need to just select one and then you will see the area

where you need to insert a area code (201, 202, 203, 207) after it will show you the list of numbers but when you select a number from there it will say for your 

credit card ir if you don't have, not worried about that because here i have a trick of fake credit cards for that 

you need to just watch the complete video and you will easily get a number for Fake WhatsApp account. 

Guys please watch complete video and than download these
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