iOS 13.6 Beta 2 is Out! - What's New?

hi everyone Aaron here for Meraj Aman andtoday Apple released iOS 13.6 developer beta 2 this was a bit of asurprise since iOS 13.5.5 was the last beta but Apple has againrenamed their beta to now 13.6 developer 

beta 2 now this is out to alldevelopers and soon to public beta testers it could be out by the timeyou're watching this video but if it's not today it will be later tomorrow mostlikely now this came in at 336.6 

megabytes on my iPhone 11 pro max it wasanywhere from a hundred and fifty megabytes on the iPad air 2 to theiPhone 6s plus which was about a hundred and fifty megabytes as well now let'stake a look at the build 

number the build number is 17 G 5 0 4 5 C and thisparticular update like I said was a little bit of a surprise but is a couplebuilds away from probably the last or final build where it will be released tothe public 

so we'll talk more about when we should expect this to be released alittle bit later but also Apple released TV OS 13.4.8 beta aswell as Mac OS 10.15.6 beta 2 this particular update alsohas no modem update so if 

you're having issues with LTE or Wi-Fi that should beno different than the previous builds now in this particular build the notesdid add a couple new features or at least they mentioned one and they'veresolved another 

so we'll talk about the features in just a second but the firstthing is they resolved an issue where the home screen web apps support datauses URLs as expected so this issue is fixed if you were having issue with 

thehome screen web apps maybe that you have to go to a web app link and it wasn'tworking properly that should be fixed now now as far as new features there area couple things in this so one of them it's very minor but if you go into yoursettings like you were checking 

for a software update if you go to softwareupdate you now can go to customize automatic updates and you also have acouple options now so if I turn this on to download iOS updates it will installthem automatically if I turn this switch on so to give you an idea what it 

lookedlike before if you're not familiar with that if I bring in the iPhone 10 Ryou'll see that under automatic updates you just had a togglefor on and off now you have a toggle to download it or install it or turn offboth so that's a nice little feature that they've added there 

and it's justsomething new I keep them both off because I like to check them manuallynow they did add something else new in health so if we go into the health appand I think I put it in here there we go in the health app you'll seehere's my summary but we go to 

browse we have a new section now and the newsection is called symptoms and so if you use this to track things anything fromhearing I use that with my Apple watch to measure decibels in the room to 

seehow loud it was you'll see in the past 12 months there was a noise notificationwell if you use it for how you're feeling with respiratory or maybe sleepnow you have symptoms so it's got everything from acne to 

bloating tochills congestion heartburn loss of smell and this is to help you rememberwhat was going on in the past maybe keep it for future records and you can usethis you don't have to use it of course and it's not 

in previous builds you knowas you can see on the iPhone 10 are symptoms isn't there on the previousversion of iOS 13.5.1 so this is something exclusive to13.6 and you can see symptoms are there 

so if we go intochills for example we can pick the day and then talk about the symptoms andthings like that so we can add data we add data and we can say present mildmoderate or severe chills when it started 

and when it ended so if you wantto keep track of all those things or maybe a doctor asked you to do that samewith heartburn again the same thing present mild moderate severe and yourtime and date and it 

explains each one of them so nausea again it explains whatit is you can add it to favorites show all data if you have data and of courseit tells you about data access as well so you can allow zero access you canallow 

some access to research studies and or none at all it's all up to you sothat's something that's completely new in this particular update now there isnothing else new as far as features and I would expect that's because 

iOS 14 isright around the core we'll talk more about that in a momentbut let's take a look at the battery life that I had on the previous betabecause some people are saying it's great others are saying it's not and 

Icurrently have 98 percent battery health and my battery health has stayed thatway for well more than six months at this point so that's pretty good nowwe'll take a look at the last 10 days maybe yesterday was 3 hours 3 hours Iused my phone some of the time and 

then I use an iPador a Mac but for example here's 2 hours and 48 minutes of screen on time 1 hourand 17 minutes of screen off time and as you can see here I'm using less than 50%of my battery life if you combine 

all of this time together you're going to getabout 10 to 12 hours of screen on time on the 11pro max it can vary dependingon the device now in the little time that I've used this performance seems tobe pretty good I 

haven't had any complaints so far I haven't seen asingle lockup and I would expect that to be pretty good with this beta and I'llshow you the benchmarks in a moment now as far as performance on the iPhone 6splus which is one of the older devices I did open 

minecraft it's sort of abenchmark that I use to see how it is in general wait for it to load here andwe're in so it resumed no problems here and it seems to be working well so if wewalk along you'll see that the frame rates 

are pretty decent no issues and itloads and resumes fast now I know some people were having issues with RAMmanagement I would expect that to be pretty good here but only time will tellmost people are not 

complaining about it at all with 13.5.1 or the betas now with iPad OS there's not really anything new as wellyou've got the same exact features that I mentioned already so again if I gointo settings general 

software update you'll see that we have the samefeatures as well so there's nothing new specific to the iPad but it does gainthe same features and should have similar performance as we're having onthis update now let's take a look at the Geekbench scores 

now I'm using Geekbench5 and I actually ran it a couple times because at first I got pretty lownumbers and usually after it's done doing things in the background it willspeed up so you'll see I have 1,000 327 for single-core 3356 for multi-corethat's pretty 

good considering what we had before so if we take a look at thehistory and we scroll down to June 9th and there's June 1st so this should giveyou an idea we're very close as far as the single core first multi-core were alittle bit higher on both this time around so that's a 

pretty good sign butin general expect similar results on all of these different devices compared towhat you had before now let's take a look at all of them so you can compareyour devices with what I have now on the Left I have the iPad air 2 then we havethe iPhone 6s plus 

and then the iPhone 11 pro max so this should give you ageneral idea of how it should be performing and if it's pretty low try ita little bit later and it will probably bump up to where you would expect it oreven better now as far as iOS 13.6 is release date well I would give that 

afew more weeks in fact we should see iOS 14 on the 22nd with iOS 14 beta 1 beingreleased to developers and that's if Apple continues to do what they've donein the past so expect it on even the iPhone 6s plus or 6s from what peopleare saying but we'll have to wait and 

see if that holds true now also expectiOS 13.6 maybe sometime in July usually Apple will go through a fewversions of it and then come out with a final one and they'll continue todevelop iOS 13.6 until iOS 14 is released in the fall or autumn so expectiOS 14 maybe 

around September or October depending on when the iPhone 12 launchesso that's it with this particular update.

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