Instagram Mistakes 2020 | 5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Is Not growing

Let's admit it we all make mistakes someare big ones some are small ones let's talk about the big no nose when it comesto Instagram no please no no no no the Instagram mistakes that you can make in2020 or more 

specifically five reasons why your Instagram isn't growing I will explain all of them in a very simple way a way that you can do it from just yourphone you won't even need a computer to fix all those mistakes it's notcomplicated I can do it you can do it even betterand 

I'll make sure you do that so the first thing you gotta do is like thevideo and obviously if you want to grow on Instagram and if you're interested inInstagram tips make sure you click the subscribe button absolutely 

freeand it really really helps me out I really  on this episode make sure you stickuntil the end because we have a few so the first mistake we'll go over isbuying followers it's bad ideas common sense but a lot of people decide to doit and admit it actually did it a year or two years ago about some followersfor dr. Ricky dot 

CEO it was dr. Nikki dr. Fisher back then and maybe you aboutit admitting it and I removed all of them and I started from a hundred like ayear ago and you can see my progress right the good thing about this channelis you can see my post there's literally video of me three 

years ago having abusiness meeting I in a nice car going to some offices right you can you cansee that you can see me making mistakes on Instagram you can see me that wholeadventure years ago part of the meeting went wrong so the idea of this channelis six that s transparent as possible with youto help you out 

so you don't make the same mistakes by followers why is it sobad so you buy followers and buying followers to sit by followers we do notinclude giveaways and shout outs because when you get shouted out from a teampage that's relevant to your accounts or you do giveaways and get four words fromyour niche it's a 

whole nother story because these people are people thatactually click the follow button fake followers are people they're either soldyou didn't know they had their credentials stolen from a third partyapp and had whole video explain the concept how these websites do it orthey're just bought at accounts are they not good oh 

they don't know me you're astranger to them they're following you but you're a stranger to them so whenyou post something they're like who is this personthey won't engage and because for over a year Instagram doesn't show content inchronological order if content is by any means shown to these people firstthey 

already engage and guess what happens to your content it dies off andyou see lower and lower reach within your account so do I recommend that no Ido not again shoutouts like it's a huge difference but it can really comparethem because there are hundred times more expensive or moreinkay you can easily cost you over 2k us depending on your niche from shoutoutsand 

if you don't know what you're doing easily 28 like you can easily go to $2per follower if you're using the wrong team pages or not the right content topromote your post like being too salesy with it I know that for factors I havethe case that is I'm doing it for my accountant I'm doing it for other peoplescales but by followers is the biggest nono I wanted to start with it so if youdid what you can do is actually lock out fake 

followers you have win an app oryou know there's multiple ways I remove 10k like then so I just put in K liketwo years ago to have a swipe or feature then I remove them around the year agokind of when I started this YouTube channel that for 100 followers I'm at 6K or 7 K depending on 6.5 or something you can definitely follow me on thisramp there's no reason but faithful doors trust me and if you like thischannel you 

have over a hundred videos and easy on growth that you can reallystep up your Instagram game let's go to Instagram mistake numbertwo the second reason why your instrument growing its hashtag researchnot using the right hashtags gives your account I'll explain why so have a wholevideo about it that you can see in the cards above on how to do proper hashtagresearch but what is the purpose of hashtags the purpose of 

hashtags is toget a little bit more engagement on your phone so you can get a little bit morereach maybe even a huge amount of reach who knows depending on hashtags youchose and the quality of your account your score and so on and then to have achance to rank on the explore page right because hashtag is more reliable sourceof reach but spore page can really get things going for you some people believethat export

page algorithm works in cycles so you have a cycle of threemonths that you get promoted on then for three months you won't get promoted andthat's why they have a network of accounts or many counts within the sameniche so when one is promoted they double down on stories and all the bestpost a post there the hashtags are as I said they are reliable so how do 

youchoose the right hashtags you have to have three meters in mind average likesthe maximum amount of average likes the lowest amount of average legs you wantto see and the media account or can post count of each hashtag so if the averageamount of likes you're getting per post is 50 you don't want to be trying torank 

on a haystack with 2,000 likes cuz you don't really have chances to rankthere so you want to find hashtags that have over a thousand posts for examplebecause you're getting 50 average flags over thousand four to five thousandposts and that have an average length of 50 or maybe even a hundred so that wouldbe something that can get you in a reliable amount of reach how do you dothat there's a tube that it has a freetryouts you 

can just do your hashtag research and you know close the trial ifyou don't like it it's in the description I'll show you to do rightnow and how it works from my phone before I showed it from a computer it'ssuper simple to do it on your phone if you don't even have to download awebsite it's called click as I said it have a feeling link in the descriptiondown below so if you sign up using 

my link I'll make a little bit ofcommission so as you can see here first you have a lot ofI just added the doctor he came here because they had the clients account andI didn't want that to be seen so it says that you receive your first report onthe April 13th paper so what you do is just click find hashtags and now you 

cansearch for hashtags for example let's say that you are in the meme nichebecause I have work people commented and said that they're in the Minish so whenattacking memes now all the sudden it will dull obviously at one point I thinkit's also primetime now so 

yeah so now you can see a bunch of have sex in thishashtag 9.7 Kate likes or the comments the average amount of comments and so onbut let's say you want to filter it out you just click those three dots setsearch filters and say that the average amount of 

life that you would beinterested in is from 15 to hundred and you want posts made from 5,000 to500,000 for example right you click done and now on the phone you gotta type itagain on a computer it's a little bit easier means search now it should loadonly hashtags and I have an average amount of likes 

between 50 and 100 and aminimum of 5 carefully brought up to 500k posts in depth of their activehashtags and not too hard to rank for for that we have a few months memes isnot that hard it seems yet because it's the main one but then you have a few andfor them literal this hash like the first one if I say the world of a monkeydemonetized if you take the first one then you can have more and more XXrelevant to it by just typing in here and then searching for more and 

more youdon't get any more the hashtags you can just vote on this is your a mistake orit's your own reason number II why are you not growing content quality man thisis a huge issue most people think they're not the paper by the algorithmbut this is not true I had people asking me winning a consulting call ask mewhat's going on my stream is not growing right I'm using a 

punch of growth hacksas well nothing's happening right nothing is happening I've been on etremfor one year have 300 followers have 10 likes on my posts by the way I justremember one more thing from the consortiumthat I was talking about regarding hashtags shadow baths if you repeat thesame hashtags don't do 

that use around 200 hashtags switch between 20 and 28 oreach post and never do the same hashtag within the same way our actual advicesnever do the same hashtag within 10 days or so because if you do you can getshadow back for two weeks which is basically a mistake to improve in yourreach for two weeks which is not ideal so no hashtag rich normal export 

pagereach you don't wander so back to free content well let's say that you areposting like you are in a business niche but you're just posting photos likelooking cool like yes this this right Jack I want you to draw me like one ofyour french girls the caption is and got a sunny paint right what is your valueproposition was the point of your Instagram 

account to show how beautifulyou are our York fashion account no you're notyou're a business account gotta have value proposition so pictures you knowthumbnails from your videos pictures of you working some canvas with some infofor example if you go on my account right and I'm trying to mostly do thingscorrectly when it comes to instrum we go on my 

account right here as you can seeI have my feeds looking like this so this on the center I have the mails fromvideos for tomorrow have I think some other video or something some in reallife picture or something and then on the left and right side I have differenttips these are tips from each video so after each video have to canvas donefrom someone from my team and then 

these canvas are postedso my tea looks a little bit organized yes but also have some value because Iwant to talk about Israel now this is you know my value proposition it'sconsistent with my content right if I just have pictures of my dog right I'mnot a dog channel it would make no sense to do that so I've made some mistakesright I've had some like too many posts before 

too many thumbnails when I wasdoing a video on YouTube every single day then I had a thumbnail every day itwasn't square follow but content obviously if you have a full HD photodefinitely go for a square you can use can for a square app from the App Storeor the Play Store to fix that you don't want to miss this okay reason for whyyour Instagram isn't wrong that's an interesting oneaway it's actually using or not using 

filters but first before we talk aboutfilters take the Scooby robot because I need a drink pretty good also filters this is a verywhite subject I'm not a professional photographer video for whatever so theway I do it is something that you can do - first of all we can use Lightroom butthat's big if you wanna lose Lightroom we're very cool preset you type inGoogle as you can see here Lightroom presets or Lightroom presets free 

andyou see a bunch of them but if you're not that tech-savvy don't have Lightroomyou don't have the money for Lightroom what can you do there is this way andthe way that I've used in the past is to actually use vsco so when a gold disc ohI've got a bunch of photos that are taken we just go ahead and check thisfor awhile we can see there's different filters with no filter it looks likethis right it's a little bit plain right a little bit row then you can use ablack and white filter this one or this one and you should know I'm a prettyorange and teal 

kind of user guy so my videos I like this cover and I love itin movies as well I love like there's just something about the good scene Isaw it in the trailer of the new James Bond movie when he was hit with thepistol and arrested this and the whole picture was as he has these blue eyes itwas really great and when the orange from his face blue eyes it was it'sreally I just like and this is what I do for my photoswhy would i betray we all have our secrets so food Lisa just click thechrome version another one day they like is the G 

free to see one g 3o m I thinkm5 is pretty nice this is my two cents you can use vsco it's free I'm using thefree version not paying for anything it works just fine for me so this is aneasy way to do it or you can use the futures for material reason 5 why yourinstrum isn't working but isn't growing so if you go on my bio I should have theoptimized file not that optimized but if you just see first my name itssearchable it's grown crops so if someone calls from search and times 

inInstagram to find it same time I have a bio the test follow for daily businesstip so people know what they'll follow me for then I'd say Instagram YouTubeSEO Facebook ads that's what I'm doing and because my main idea is to grow myYouTube channel it's more than growing my business because YouTube means a lotI really want the hundred K subs plaque so what am I supposed to do right andalso the funnel that I generate yep Leeds is using YouTube so someone fromInstagram gets a glimpse see some behind the 

scenes from the story then he goeson to my youtube channel gets to know me yes to see the way I talk about stuffand then my decide would go on my website and book my agency for it's yourmanagement SEO or most my friends for SEO if you know about Instagram but theyare mostly for referrals but yeah this is my funnel so please have a searchableNagel say just 

doctor Nick nope say dr. Nikki and you know your niche soyou obviously gotta have a niche and you preneur if you want to be cheesy havethat or whatever store media account whatever you have right and then youalways want to have a call to actions next to your link like sometimes you seebig Instagram accounts they have nothing written there right they have absolutelynot and you be thinking that's a good idea but it's not because you know thesebeing out from a movie or something no one knows you I didn't see you 

like ifyou were in the movie and I don't know that you're viewing this video commentdown below and you win a few free consulting co food but this is good yesgood so yeah say what you're up to don't expect people to be aware of youbecause there's over a billion users half of them one ofbro there's following and you're not just gonna randomly explode yourInstagram account want to convert Oprah's profile visits that you slowlystart to 

get into REO engage followers and I'll help you out because Iconstantly tell people on mainstream like check this outshout out right shout out like a treasure shout out like five six peoplelike whenever I see something cool on my comments they're a new follower andreally cool DM I'll just shout it out that's a decent thing to do now isn't itthis is why we're doing 

shadow on its awesome YouTube channel and the showerwinners for today are actually bad Warren who says what about Android usersit's about the how to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once especially ifyou're starting out a free way to grow is following follow I didn't mention itas a mistake because it's actually a viable way even though people hate it Iused 

to think it's a bad idea like over a year ago I had a video about it thatit's a bad idea but then I made multiple videos but why it's still doable cosfollowing following sped by automation but following people manually then donefollowing all of them by automation might not be a bad idea but I wouldactually like to do everything manually just default on follow until one or twokeep all the words checking at some win behind 

your back for reach when you postsomething then the second shot a winner is actually all wrong rough roads whosays or she says it really work it's about music so how to get into a musicif it's not available new stories in the next shoutout winner is actually classicSam and movie master Oh many Tom Lehman as well if you're interested in Fitnessgaming or an okay let's do one more vs mark who says hello people check out myis 

rampage perfect cuss word were you so much for today's episode and rememberthat a video day keeps the doctor away and by the end of this video make sureyou check one of these videos out like this one or this one or this one or thisone or this one or this one or this one or this one or this or thisbye 

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