How to Properly Reset iPhone to factory default

 hi everyone i want to show you how to reset your iphone to factory default meaning that it will be just like it was when you took it out of the box for thefirst time and so this will help you 

erase all datafrom it disassociate it from your accountand make it so the next person that either purchases it or that you give itto or maybe you're returning it can sign in without having to sign in tofind my friends or any of those accounts because it won't be locked to youraccount so in order to do this properly 

whatyou'll need is a couple things you'll need the device's passcode to unlock itand you'll also need the icloud account password if you don't have that youwon't be able to reset it so if you need to reset that password goto and then you can reset your password there now before you eraseeverything on your phone you want to make sure that you have a 

backup ifyou're going to continue using iphone so if you're going from an old phone toa new phone i have other videos to show you how to do that and transfer all ofyour settings including the same app layout and all the app dataand messages and everything else but if you want to just have a backup ingeneral make sure 

that you're either usingitunes on windows itunes on mac on an older mac or you use the finderclick on your device and hit backup now however if you want to back up usingicloud that's even easier as long as you havethe storage available and you do that by going to 

settingsunder settings tap on your name then under your name or whatever phoneyou're on here you want to go to icloud and undericloud down towards the bottom you'll seeicloud backup and under icloud backup tap on this you'll see that it's on andas long as it's backing up everything it will give you the last 

successfulbackup below and as long as it's backed up you're good to gothat will back up not only your settings but your messages your mail settings youmay have to enter a few passwords and things in the futurebut it will back up even the layout of your apps 

and most of the app data aswell so as long as you have that backing upor you've backed up on itunes you should be good to go and onceyou know that you have your information secure we can move on to removingeverything off the device now in order to reset the phone what youwant to do is once you have that 

information go into settingsand then at the top you'll have your name or someone else's name whoever's itis tap on the name here and go down to findmy we need to turn off find my if it's on so tap on find my andyou'll see it says find my iphone and it's onon my device so i need to turn this off now in order to turn this off i need myicloud password so go ahead and tap on find my iphoneand then turn off find my iphone it will pop up asking for your apple idpassword once you put this in it 

will turn it off now that find my iphone isoff we want to remove it from our account aswell this will make it easier in the futureunless you're setting it up for yourself so let's go ahead and do that so we'llgo back now once you've turned off find my iphoneon the same account page we need to scroll to the bottom to turn 

off icloudand disassociate the phone from our account so let's go ahead and scrolldown and all the way at the bottom it sayssign out so we'll tap on sign out now it's saying do you want to keepa copy of your data on this phone and you don't want to do that if you'reerasing the phone so make sure all of these are turned offif you did want to keep this and sign in with another icloud id 

then you wouldleave those on otherwise keep them off and hit sign outand it says are you sure you want to sign out and then go ahead and hit signout and then it says copying icloud datathat's just to the cloud you won't necessarily have that on thisphone and then we'll erase the phone in just a moment once we've signed outnow once you've signed out of the iphone what 

you'll need to do is go down andreset it so under the main settings just scroll downand go to general scroll all the way to the bottom ofgeneral and then you have reset so we'll tap on reset and thenthere's a few options here we want to eraseall content and settings so all of these other things don't mattererase all content and settings and then it's going to ask you for 

the passcodeof the device itself so maybe your touch id wasn't workingit's that same passcode and this will work for face id phones aswell once you've put that passcode in it's asking you if you want to erase itagain it's just a safety check so it says this will delete all media and dataand reset all settings so you want to hit eraseiphone and then you'll have to hit erase iphone againand it will take a moment and the phone will reboot now the same thing appliesto all iphones so 

this is my iphone 11 pro maxand you can see here it says erase iphone if i hit erase and erase againit will wipe the phone so that's how you completely wipe it we'll wait for thisto reboot and you'll see that it's back at thesetup screen now will take a little bit of time toerase and reset and once it's done it will look just like this and you'reat the main startup screen again and so 

this is where you can set yourphone up we just press home to open on this phone and we'll start set it

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