How To Get 10000 Followers On Instagram 🔥 Instagram Growth Strategy 2020

 how to get 10,000 followers on Instagram in 2020 some say it's impossible and to be honest a year ago I was set around 100 followers on Instagram and I was browsing through YouTube videos just like you did but you know what I was notas lucky as you are because you just found this article and this article here ago the 

D sound cringy maybe yet effective because I will showyou how to get results like these so if you want to help me out and youappreciate me making this video make sure you give this video like becausethis helps me out so much and subscribe for three videos a week of Instagram usevalue juice and I can start by helping 

you out instantly by shouting you out ifyou want to be shouted out in one of the next episodes make sure you comment downyour Instagram username and I will shout you out and one of next episodes to sayyour 

username and if you really want someone to check your instrument to saysomething about your account like dr. Nicki fishing niche I have no idea howto fish okay so how do you get 10,000 the 10 G is the 10 K is on Instagram in2020 so the first way you can actually 

do that it's so coldGary beador any strategy and it might sound cheap but it's actually free andyou can do it from your phone I would actually suggest you spend like 5 10minutes in the morning 5-10 minutes at lunch maybe earth your lunch break yougo after lunch with 

the coffee before you're getting the routine and maybebefore you go to sleep what is this strategy you basically goon relevant pages and I'll show you how to do that in a little bit and engagewith accounts that are within your niche for example let me show you right herefor example I'm in the business niche so I'll type in 

hashtag business and thenI'll see a bunch of random stuff oh this guy would be YouTube play but I wish Ihad one for example I know like this video may be gone his Instagram accountcheck his stories can't wait rightsomething like this and I would engage with 510 people in the morning in theevening at lunchtime actually really regulate them so if you actually

engagewith them accounts they're very big in your niche in the morning if your postis just seen by a hundred people and 20% of them follow you displaying followersjust just there right there for the take and if you do it consistently this canhelp you with your growth over time this is one of the best ways to also 

show theinstrum every time that you're part of the nichebecause you'll be engaging with people in your niche and the people that aretargeted that are interested in these specific things because you actuallycomment on you know on relevant posts will be checking out your profile soit's really good to establish yourself especially as a new instrument yeahthe second method and it's very like some people don't like 

it right Iunderstand I understand I can say I don't like it now but because I met 13kall of us but when you have like 0 10 100 followers you post something and youget 5 likes and then you post something else you get 4 6 8 like you don't knowwhich posts are better right you 

cannot drink with hashtags you can't doanything and no matter how many times you pause chances are nothing willhappen so you need some traction right the shadows on this channel they canhelp you out but you need an activity that you can doon a daily basis and have a whole video on it and you can see in the cards abovebut like the general rules don't follow more than 

200 people they don't do itnot more than 40 an hour so you choose 5 times a dayyou would follow 40 people or so and then it's it's done if you get a 40percent followed by creature that's 40 followers 1k followers some point youget followers on one but if you are being following follow you shouldactually do it in the same way that we did the door 80 strategy by Gary 

Veebecause you would actually want to go and do the following follow strategy onthe relevant count let me show you how you can get the best results doing it solet's say that we're steering the business right and then we see this guyyes a nice one looking good and then what we should do is if we weredoing the follow on follow strategy is we should gone his profile see his 

mostrecent post which means the people that liked itwere active recently and who follow old forty don't follow them so what youshould do is just follow these people do it five times a day on differentaccounts and voila you have some traction other thing you should consideris actually having nine to twelve images so if 

someone reads the following photostrategy on or Gary you want over eighty strategy someone checks your profile nowand then you know he sees one post that's not interesting enough he needsto scroll it is some other stuff so the first thing you can actually do isupload around twelve posts there are high quality even though they won't getthat much engagement high 

quality posts with good capture so people have aninitiative to actually follow you back because this is the idea to go get agood follow back reason and now it's QA time let's do some myth-busting and oneof you might be wondering well should I dostoryboarding short answer know why it was good before story 

viewing was reallygood before but we gotta have this conversation like since you asked thequestion of the story viewing now it's not worth it because you would begetting compromised account message every 15k story views because the storyviewers were peeing over 

1 million stories now we changed it to storybolding hyperbolic blah blah why is it not a good idea right nowfirst of all like I've tried everything right I've tried it as well and I'vetried it on different accounts it can get you some traction maybe a thousandfollowers a month but you gotta change a lot of stuff to not look too spammy andyou still look spam so if you want to 

establish yourself in your niche longterm it's not the best strategy I would actually do follow and follow get thefirst two free K 2 to 3 thousand followers instead of doing my storyfolding because that's automation and you can do following followed by him andby the way do not out to make it because you can you can run into a 

lot of issuesand you can get your account disabled really fast especially before an agedaccount if it's just a new account because you'll be switching IP stufflike that so I'll actually not do it if I were you so let's see who we can helptoday with the shower out route when the first we have awesome epic any musicsore in my 

chest moving possessed Rainbow Dash she - brony adding youth toa V for next week says thanks man if you also want to shout out my youtube for itanyways love you man keep it up morning for a reply from instrument oraccountants yeah and if you actually have an issue with to how to get yourdisabled account back 

so definitely check him out on YouTube his oh he's at47 subscribers that's really good it's really hard to bro in the beginning likeI was gaining like 30 subscribers a month with 30 videos housing a video aday and I couldn't break one subscriber of data that was so it's so hard tostart so what I did was actually including his 

channel some videos thathe has here so if you want to check him out help him out and definitely do sothen we have gout un'goro who says my serum is simply millionaire that's pure knowledge.

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