Google Pixel June 2020 Update is Out! - What's New?

 hi everyone today the Android 10 June 2020 security update was released to all supportedpixel devices so that means the pixel 2 to XL pixel 3 3 XLpixel 3 a 3 a XL and pixel 4 and 4 XL like I have here and this particularupdate may also be out to some Samsung 

devices as well I believe they'vereleased it to some of those devices but it is up to your manufacturer to releasethat particular update so if you have it you should be able to install it now ifnot it will be rolling out 

over the next few days on the pixel devices now as faras the size of this update it was actually fairly substantial for a pixelupdate and you'll see it came in at 131 megabytes and that means that there's alot of things packed into this as far as improvements and 

security issues andfixes and things like that so you'll see it says it's installingsecurity update so let's take a look at the build number and then we'll take alook at all of the different things that have been improved so the 

build numberon this one is Android 10 as you can see here QQ3A.200605.001 and this particular update like I said includes alot of improvements and bug fixes and some of these are specific to devices soI'll talk about 

those specifically and others include all pixel devices so thefirst thing has to do with improvements for audio in video capture so if you'reusing your camera to 

capture video and you have poor audio this is specific tothe pixel 3a and three axl that has been improved now for all pixel devicesthey've fixed missing bluetooth pairing modes that can result in certainconditions so if you're having issues pairing something with bluetooth 

you gointo bluetooth here and you were having an issue pairing something it should nowbe resolved they haven't said specifically what that pertains to nowon the pixel 4 & 4 XL they've improved GPS accuracy in certain conditions theyhaven't said what those conditions are but GPS should be improved and then 

forall devices under media they fixed audio playback speed issues in certainapplications so I don't know if that's specific to maybe a podcasting app orGoogle Play Music or YouTube music or Spotifybut if you were having issues with audio playback speed that should be fixedthey've also fixed an issue when you're wirelessly charging on the pixel threethree XL pixel four and four XL so if some of the UI wasn't showing up 

whenyou were wirelessly charging it should now be resolved now on the pixel fourand four XL if you're using the feature flip to Shh when you want to silence thephone it was broken in certain conditions so if you're using that whereyou flip it over to silence it it should now be resolved and should be workinglike it 

was before when you first had it they've also fixed a system crash whenrevoking USB debugging authorization so maybe you plug in your phone and it asksif you want to use a USB debugging and you say no and it crashes that's beenfixed on all pixel devices now there's kernel updates to the actualOS on all of the pixel devices they're a little bit different version on each oneof them but they've updated the actual kernel itself on all the deviceshopefully for a little bit more stable kernel as well there's also a fix formissing network indicators on the lockscreen so maybe you 

have Wi-Fienabled but it wasn't showing up that's been resolved on all of devices so if itwasn't showing it should be showing properly now now they fixed an issuewith the wallpaper where it might be resetting on its own to its defaultsettings so maybe you're not using the default wallpaper like I am here itwould reset to maybe one of the default ones by itself that has now beenresolved on all the pixels now if you're using 

always-on display like you can seehere and you had tax-cutting off on the now playing section when you're playingaudio or anything like that that should be resolved now thankfully I hadn't seenthat but if maybe you're playing a song here we'll just turn the volume down hitplay go to the always-on display where the text would cut off it should now beresolved now on the 

pixel 4 and 4x specifically they fixed an issue fordata connections loss when roaming in certain regions so maybe you're usingyour cellular connection on roaming whether that be maybe it's usingt-mobile or AT&T any of those it should now work properly and no longer loseyour connection when you're roaming around with your device but it'sspecific to the 4 and 4 XL on the pixel 3 3xl 3a and 3axl they've fixed an issue for the google fy'y sim error when switchingbetween networks so if you're familiar with Google thye you can see 

I'mactually using it here you'll see this is Google Phi if you're having an issuewhere it's switching between say t-mobile or US Cellular or what wasformerly Sprint that should now be working properly it should be Autoswitching on its own it was having an issue on those devices before they'vealso improved battery life 

when idle and connected in certain Network conditionsso if your phone was draining just sitting doing nothing maybe you had yourphone off sitting there connected to Wi-Fi and it was draining it shouldn'tbe draining anymore they've specifically fixed that with battery but that onlypertains to the pixel three three XL three a and three axl it doesn't pertainto any of the other pixels now on the pixel four and four XL there's fourseparate fixes that they've implemented 

that should be resolved the first onehas to do with receiving certain MMS messages and you would get an error thatshould now be resolved if you're using MMS and not whatsapp or something likethat so if you were getting errors that should be fixed also on the same deviceis there should be improved screen unlock speed in certain conditions so ifI lift this up it seems to 

unlock nice and fast but it should be improved ifyou were having a slowdown maybe while wearing a mask or something like thatnow they've also improved battery life on this as well why they called it outseparately between the pixel three and the pixel four devices I'm not sure butbattery is basically fixed 

on everything except for the pixel two for some reasonnow as far as a final issue that's specific to the pixel four and for EXOthey fixed the broken Wi-Fi hotspot on certain networks so maybe you wereunable to use your network as a Wi-Fi hotspot and it was giving you all sortsof issues and maybe you're trying to 

help someone else update their phonemaybe an iPhone something like that and it was giving you issues on specificcarriers that should be resolved now and then finally they fixed Wi-Fi connectionfailures on certain WPA three networks and so if you were having a hard timeconnecting to certain networks where you're located that should now beresolved and it 

should work early on all of the pixel devices thatI've mentioned so that's it for all of the improvements and bug fixes but thereare a ton of security patches there's over a hundred but let me just run downthem quickly so you can understand what's patched so there are two Androidruntime patches there's eleven framework patch run patches there's 50 mediaframework patches 49 system patches 15 kernel component patches for 

media techcomponent patches 7 Qualcomm component patches and 18 Qualcomm closed sourcesecurity patches or security component patches all of those have been resolvedin this update so if you have a pixel device or any of the Samsung devices andnot all of those security patches will be specific to 

your device if it's donea pixel device but there are a ton of fixes in this update so I highlyrecommend updating for all of those security patches as well as all thefixes if you're having issues with your camera or battery or Wi-Fi any of thosethings should be resolved so that said it will take a few days to know howbattery is on 

this device since well we've got some major updates with it sohopefully we'll have some really great improvements when we go into battery ina few days and see what it's at now other than that the performance has beengood since updating everything's nice and fast just like you would expect onall the pixel devices everything seems to be good everything's loading quicklyas you saw earlier and so 

we should be good to go going into the cameras niceand fast snapping a picture it's just working really well.

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